QUALIFICATIONS - Any   company actively engaged in the business of lighting product, electrical goods will be considered for dealer status. Before dealer account status is given, this Terms and conditions of Sale Agreement must be returned,   signed by a corporate officer or principal. In addition, a copy of the company’s business license, VAT/ TIN registration Certificate & Pan Card is required.

TERMS - Konark uses Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTD), which allows dealers to pay with the most convenient means: Company check, personal cheque , or money order. Please note that Konark no longer accepts cash as payment on C.O.D’s. Company check acceptance for prepayment of orders requires a Personal Guarantee and is subject to approval upon return of a completed Check Acceptance Application. Credit cards are not accepted.

PERSONAL GUARANTEE - All owners of any business, including owners (which must be an officer) of stock applying for acceptance of company Check must sign a personal Guarantee.

PRICING  - All prices are subject to change without notice. All products will be invoiced at the current prices in effect at the time of shipment.  Possession of supplied catalog and/or price list does not constitute an offer to sell any item so listed.

FREIGHT - All parts are sold F.O.B. our warehouse. Unless otherwise specified, all shipments will be sent via common carrier. All merchandise is accepted by the carrier in good condition and is assumed to be delivered the same way. It is the consignee’s responsibility to inspect shipment at time of receipt and make notice of lost or damaged goods directly to the carrier. Claims for parts damaged in transit must be made directly to the carrier. Invoices not paid due to freight claims will be considered past due.

REFUSED SHIPMENTS - A company that refuses a shipment for any reason will be financially responsible for all shipping costs as well as a restocking fee for the returned parts and risks losing their dealer status.

BACK ORDERS - Orders are usually shipped complete. But should an out of stock situation arise, all back orders will be noted on the invoice. Backordered parts will then be shipped, as they become available for a period of 30 days from original order data. Thereafter, customers will be notified before shipment of backorder.

RETURNS - No unauthorized returns of any type are accepted. Prior authorization is required and merchandise must be shipped prepaid with a return authorization clearly shown on the outside of the package. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee at Konark SolarTech Solutions discretion.

WARRANTY - All merchandise manufactured by Konark SolarTech Solutions is guaranteed to be free from defects in manufacture, material, and workmanship at time of sales. This warranty is limited to the repair, replacement, or credit of the defective parts only for a period of one year only.


Following are the benefits of you becoming a part of our Dealer Network:

Assistance with inquiries generated: All inquiries from your area coming to us from our sales promotions via various mediums will be forwarded to you directly
Technical Support: You will get complete technical support from our end. You are requested to email us all your/ your clients’ technical queries to us via email at and we will answer all your queries as soon as possible.
Conference Call’s with your clients: If there is a need where you would like us to discuss technical queries with the Client – we can have conference calls between the three of us. This will assist you to understand and tackle future client queries.
New Product Releases: Being a partner, you will be the first in the market to be updated with the latest developments of our products. New product releases will be done only through authorized partners.
Price Reduction Benefits:  Being a partner, you will be immediately informed on restructuring of Price. Any benefits we avail of – will be passed on to you immediately.
KONARK Umbrella: Being a partner and being under the KONARK UMBERLLA you will have the privilege of adding a complete list of our Clients (National and International) to your profile. This will give you an edge over other competitors and a surety to win your clients.
Monthly Reviews:  To keep you up-breast of your performance in your sector – we will be sending you monthly reviews. This will help you in analyzing and strategizing your business and assist you in your in turn our growth.


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